We aren’t the best or the cheapest…so why use this method?

The headline caught your attention didn’t it? It is true. We aren’t the best way to learn Spanish! Here is my story. I took Spanish in high school because I was forced to do so. I suffered through two years of classes and didn’t learn much at all. Then, I met a girl who spoke Spanish and my outlook changed. It was then that I gained the first and most critical ingredient for learning a language…I had motivation! Knowing that the classes didn’t seem to be working, I signed up to be an exchange student to Spain. Living with a Spanish family and going to a Spanish public school, I quickly learned the language in order to get around. At the end of my semester there, I had learned enough to converse with people fairly comfortably on a wide range of subjects. So, the best way is to be motivated, and buy a plane ticket to a Spanish speaking country, enroll in a language school with one on one tutoring in the mornings while living with a Spanish speaking family. And if you could afford to leave your business and family on autopilot for a few months to do so, that would be the best way. If you are interested in that, may I recommend Copan Ruinas, Honduras as a safe town to stay in with a rich culture and a wonderful language school.

I am also not the cheapest. There are college students out there who will gladly try to teach you Spanish for $20 an hour. There are native speakers of Spanish who will do the same. Some of them may even be really good at it. If getting the cheapest deal is your thing, then I am not the teacher for you. Do a quick search on Craigslist.org and you will likely find your person.

Here is what I do offer. You will get a custom designed class for your needs. I know that a guy selling tires doesn’t need the same vocabulary and skill set as the real estate agent, CPA, a construction contractor or the massage therapist.  I will work with you to find out what you need to learn quickly. We can schedule anything from one day a week to five days a week. There is no one size fits all class I have designed. You will get one designed specifically for you.  I give you almost two decades of experience teaching Spanish at various levels. We aren’t the cheapest or the best, but we will give you the best education you can get while staying here in the safety of the United States and the comfort of not having to leave your office.

Choosing a language for your marketing!

So you want to market a new product in another language. Have you considered how that may be a benefit or detriment to your product image?


While it is a great thing to have multi-lingual people as part of your customer service team, it might actually hurt your brand to put your labels or advertising into another language. For example: Is your brand currently selling in Latin America with print ads in English? People may be buying your brand with a mindset similar to that of Americans who tend to associate quality with the brand name being in French. Ads in a second language often do catch the eye of the multi-lingual consumer, or those who would like the world to see them as well traveled and educated.

Your product has a certain image. Choosing the language that will properly reflect that image is important for the future of your sales. It is no different than choosing where your product will be sold. Think about how Calvin Klein went from being the clothing of the rich and famous to being sold in Costco. It did allow them to sell more pairs of their lower end jeans to more people, but it diluted their name among the rich. They lost their snob appeal. The language you choose to do business in is a marker in that same way. Your product may need to be marketed in Spanish or another language. Or, maybe it shouldn’t be.

Our goal here at Burlwalker.com is to not only offer you lessons in learning Spanish, but also to help you know when another language might be more beneficial for you. It doesn’t do us any good to sell you a service that isn’t going to help you increase your marketability.

Why learn Spanish?

Why should you spend the time, energy and money to learn Spanish? With well over 40% of the immigrant population coming from the Spanish speaking world, the Latino market represents a significant portion of the available market in much of the United States of America.

The purchasing power of Latinos totaled $1.2 trillion in 2012 (an increase of 461% since 1990), and is projected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2017.

This quote from immigrationpolicy.org gives real numbers to the idea that this is a market worth getting involved with.

In 2012, the $1.2 trillion Hispanic market is larger than the entire economies of all but 13 countries in the world. ~ Matt Waldman

Read entire article.

What about the local market in South Carolina and the Upstate?

“South Carolina ranks among the highest in any state for Latino population growth.” (Source)

According to American Community Survey data (U.S. Census), South Carolina’s Latino population increased over 460 percent between 1990 and 2007” (Source)

“Of the 379,616 residents in Greenville County, 14,283 are Hispanic or Latino.” (Source)

As you can see from this quick glance at the statistics, the Spanish speaking population is growing and so even if it isn’t a population that currently is a large part of your industry market, there is a high possibility, that it will soon be part of your niche if you are prepared for it.

Who are we?

Thanks for coming by and showing interest in learning Spanish. You are likely here because your company has noticed the increasing population of Latinos in your area and you want to be able to reach out to that untapped client group. We are here to help you be able to make that happen.

I have 17 years experience teaching college level Spanish, and during that time have worked with many companies like yours who needed their employees (and owners) to be able to speak Spanish. While there was a level of success in that environment, I became aware that there is a better way to reach the individual goals that companies have without all the red tape of academia.

We will set up courses to meet your goals, meeting at your location. The number of hours per week is flexible and depends on what your and your employees’ goals are.